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New Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit for Condition Monitoring in Smart Buildings

XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit
XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit

Infineon has introduced the new XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit that is powered by the cloud service provider AWS to offer an end-to-end solution for customers. The kit includes hardware (sensors, microcontroller, embedded security), software as well as CloudFormation templates; it acts as the best starting point for quick and easy evaluation of sensor-based condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


The XENSIV Evaluation Kit can be equipped with XENSIV sensor satellite boards with a broad range of sensors for data collection and condition monitoring such as DPS368 barometric pressure sensor, TLI4971 current sensor, TLI493D-W2BW 3D magnetic sensor, and IM69D130 MEMS microphone. It can also be connected to sensors such as TLE4997E Linear Hall sensor, TLE4964-3M Hall sensor, TLI4966G Double Hall sensor, XMC4700 powered by Arm Cortex-M4 and OPTIGA Trust M embedded security solution.


The included software supports the FreeRTOS kernel and the AWS Cloud integration is completed by full AWS CloudFormation templates and a software application stack. With an integrated Graphic User Interface (GUI) and basic anomaly detection, the device uses Wi-Fi and Ethernet for connectivity and a mikro BUS ClickBoard interface for extended connectivity.  The target applications of the XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit involve heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment as well as motors, fans, drives, compressors, refrigeration, and other components of Smart Buildings.


Features of XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit (KIT_XMC_2GO_XMC1100_V1)

  • XMC1100 (ARM Cortex-M0 based)
  • On-board J-Link Lite Debugger (Realized with XMC4200 Microcontroller)
  • Power over USB (Micro USB)
  • ESD and reverse current protection
  • 2 x user LED
  • Pin Header 2x8 Pins suitable for Breadboard


Note: More technical information can be found on the product page of the XENSIV Predictive Maintenance Evaluation Kit.

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