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New PMR100 Series Shunt Resistors for Automotive and Industrial Miniaturization

PMR100 Series
PMR100 Series

ROHM has introduced three new products in the PMR100 series of metal plate shunt resistors. These resistors are designed for motor control and power circuits in automotive, consumer, and industrial equipment applications. They offer a rated power of 5W and are available in resistance values of 0.5mΩ, 1.0mΩ, and 1.5mΩ, fitting the 2512-size (0.25 inch × 0.12 inch) / 6432-size (6.4 mm × 3.2 mm) format. These resistors are used for current detection in power supply overcurrent protection, battery level detection, and motor drive circuits in various sectors, including automotive, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics. The new PMR100 products achieve a rated power of 5W by utilizing materials with good temperature characteristics and terminal temperature derating. 

ROHM is expanding the PMR100 series to include compact, high-power models and 4W types in smaller sizes like 1210, 3225, and 2010. These resistors provide approximately 2.5 times higher rated power than conventional 2W models and around 1.7 times higher than 3W models. This improvement allows for the replacement of larger high-power types, aiding in the miniaturization of various applications. The new resistors feature a rated terminal temperature of 130°C (for 0.5mΩ and 1mΩ products) and an operating temperature range from -65°C to +175°C, ensuring stable operation in extreme temperatures. They also have a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of ±75ppm/°C, allowing for reliable and accurate current detection.


  • Rated power of 5W
  • Resistance values of 0.5mΩ, 1.0mΩ, and 1.5mΩ
  • Compact 2512-size (0.25 inch × 0.12 inch) / 6432-size (6.4 mm × 3.2 mm) form factor
  • Excellent temperature characteristics
  • Terminal temperature derating


  • Power supply overcurrent protection
  • Battery level detection
  • Motor drive circuits
  • Automotive, consumer, and industrial equipment
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