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New Metal Power Inductors for In-vehicle Applications offer Major Improvements in Isat and RDC Specifications

DFE32CAH_R0 Series Metal Power Inductors
DFE32CAH_R0 Series Metal Power Inductors

Murata has announced the availability of the new DFE32CAH_R0 series of metal power inductors that is intended for use in DC/DC converters and power management circuitry for automotive applications. Meeting demands for high currents and the downsizing of system designs, the DFE32CAH_R0 delivers a DC superimposed current rating (Isat) of 8.7 A in the world’s best for a 1210 inch size product with an inductance of 0.47 µH. Moreover, covering a wide inductance value range, these components are suitable for in-vehicle applications beyond infotainment systems to the powertrain and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 


The DFE32CAHR47MR0L has a 0.47 µH inductance value, with an RDC of 14 mOhm (Max) and an Isat of 8.7 A (Max). For the DFE32CAHR68MR0L, the main values are 0.68 µH for inductance, 17 mOhm (Max) for RDC, and 7.0 A (Max) for Isat. The 1.0 µH-rated DFE32CAH1R0MR0L and 1.5 µH-rated DFE32CAH1R5MR0L have respective RDC values of 22 mOhm and 30 mOhm, with Isat figures of 5.9 A and 4.8 A. The DFE32CAH-2R2/3R3/4R7-MR0L inductors have respective inductance ratings of 2.2 µH, 3.3 µH, and 4.7 µH with RDC figures 43 mOhm, 67 mOhm, and 101 mOhm and Isat values of 4.0 A, 3.3 A, and 2.8 A.

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