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New LED Driver ICs with Built-in Current Driver Boost DC/DC Converter for Automotive Applications

4ch/6ch LED driver ICs
4ch/6ch LED driver ICs

ROHM has developed the new 4ch/6ch LED driver ICs, BD83A04EFV-M, BD83A14EFV-M, and BD82A26MUF-M designed for medium to large-size automotive displays in-car infotainment and instrument clusters. These LED drivers for LCD backlights combine proprietary low-power technology with seamless PWM dimming which eliminates flickering when changing display brightness from low to high.


These new products leverage proprietary low-power consumption technology to reduce losses in LED driver current control circuits. The result is 20% lower overall IC power consumption compared to conventional products under typical conditions (80mA/ch LED circuit current, 12V power supply). This contributes to lower power consumption in medium- to large-sized automotive displays where power consumption is an issue. Moreover, all these ICs are equipped with both DC and PWM dimming to meet a wide range of requirements.



  • AEC-Q100 Qualified(Note 1)

  • Functional Safety Supportive Automotive Products

  • Built-in 4/6 ch Current Driver for LED Drive

  • Current Mode Boost DC/DC Converters

  • Load Switch (M1) Control Pin

  • PWM Dimming

  • Spread Spectrum Function

  • DC/DC Converter Oscillation Frequency External Synchronization Function

  • LSI Protect Functions (UVLO, OVP, TSD, OCPL)

  • LED Anode/Cathode Short Circuit Protection Function

  • LED Open/Short Protection Function



  • Instrument clusters

  • Car infotainment

  • Head-up displays (HUDs)

  • Electronic mirrors (side/rear view)


Availability & Pricing

These new products are now available in mass production at $7.0/unit.

Component Datasheet

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