New IO-Link Actuator Device Allows Remote Control and Monitoring of Electrical Characteristics to Minimize Factory Downtime

PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK Intelligent Actuator from Maxim Integrated
PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK Intelligent Actuator from Maxim Integrated
PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK Intelligent Actuator from Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated has introduced the PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK intelligent actuator under the new Trinamic Brand for enabling modern small factories to quickly and remotely adjust actuator’s electrical characteristics to minimize factory downtime and maximize throughput. It is a small easy-to-use mechatronic PANdrive IO-Link Actuator device which combines a NEMA17 stepper motor with controller and driver electronics. The IO Link connection through standard 4-pin M12 connector offers full control over the NEMA17 stepper motor as well as provide a industry-standard IO Link communication protocol enabling control, configuration, and status monitoring.


The PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK leverages the flexibility of Maxim Integrated’s MAX22513 IO-Link transceiver to allow seamless configuring of all modes of Trinamic’s TMC2130-LA motor driver.The PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK is the industry’s smallest, lowest-power NEMA-17 PANdrive solution. It allows the users to monitor 50% more configuration and performance parameters to reduce commissioning time at the same time reduce the quality of predictive maintenance data.


The new intelligent actuator leverages the industry-leading motion control technology into a plug-and-play solution that is 2.6x smaller and uses 50% lower power compared to the competitive solution. The new device offers 50% more parameters compared to similar solutions, this helps in predicting factory shutdowns and maximize factory throughput.


By combining TMC2130-LA’S CoolStep power-saving feature and MAX22513’s low RDSon N-Channel power MOSFETS, PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK provides best in class power saving compared to other NEMA-17 IO-Link drives on the market.


Features of PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK Intelligent Actuator

  • Stepper Motor NEMA17 / 42mm
  • +6. . . +28V DC Supply voltage
  • Up to 1.2A RMS motor current
  •  IO-Link interface
  •  Integrated Motion Controller
  •  PANdrive smart motor
  • StealthChop silent PWM mode
  • spread cycle current control 
  • StallGuard2 load detection
  • CoolStep autom. current scaling


Note: More technical information can be found in the PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the PD42-1-1243-IO-LINK Intelligent Actuator product page

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