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New EMARMOUR Two-Channel, High-Speed Ground Sense CMOS Op-Amp with Excellent Noise Tolerance to Improve Reliability and Simplify Circuit Designs


BD77502FVM from ROHM is the newly launched Nano Cap integrated dual ground sense CMOS op-amp for consumer and industrial equipment demanding high-speed sensing such as industrial measurement and control systems. Measuring 2.9 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.9 mm, the new device comes in an MSOP8 package and has a wide operating voltage range of 7V to 15V. It features a high slew rate and low input bias current and is suitable for various applications including sensor amplifiers. Excellent EMI characteristic is the added advantage that BD77502FVM op-amp has over conventional products available in the market.


The BD77502FVM delivers unmatched noise tolerance, integrates two op-amp devices that prevent oscillation caused due to wiring while providing high-speed amplification with slew rates up to 10V/µs and breakthrough immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). The output voltage across the entire noise frequency band is limited to under ±20mV, which is 10 times lower than a conventional op-amp already available.


With BD77502FVM, the high-speed signal amplification is achievable and there is no impact of external noise or load capacitance when used in devices that output small signals such as sensors. This helps in improving reliability while simplifying circuit designs.


Key Features of BD77502FVM Op-Amp

  • Nano CapTM integrated OPAMP
  • Operating with a Single Power Supply
  • Input and output are operable GND sense
  • High Slew Rate
  • Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range
  • High Open-Loop Voltage Gain
  • No oscillation and high-speed Op-amps
  • Superior noise immunity 
  • High-speed amplification with slew rates up to 10V/µs
  • Eliminates 16 parts required for noise suppression


The new BD77502FVM Op-Amp is suitable to be used in facility management equipment such as abnormal current and gas detectors, motors requiring high-speed control (signal transmission), inverter control equipment, pre-drive buffers for driving transistors, and other industrial and consumer applications requiring high-speed signal transmission and amplification without worrying about load capacitance.


Note: More technical information can be found in the BD77502FVM Op-Amp Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the BD77502FVM Op-Amp product page.

Component Datasheet

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