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New Digital Power Combination Controllers with Multi-Mode PFC and time-shift LLC

STNRG011A digital power combination controller
STNRG011A digital power combination controller

STMicroelectronics STNRG011A digital power combination controller for 90W to 300W power supplies features enhanced overload management that ensures accurate output-voltage regulation when overcurrent protection is active.

Integrating a power-factor correction (PFC) controller, LLC resonant half-bridge controller, 800V startup circuitry, and supervisory engine, the STNRG011A is used in power adapters, chargers, and television and lighting power supplies. The multi-mode PFC controller implements performance-enhancing features including input-voltage feedforward, a distortion optimizer, and frequency limitation. The digital supervisory engine features an 8-bit core and dedicated peripherals, with digital algorithms stored in internal ROM to ensure reliability and a minimal bill of materials (BoM).


STNRG011A Power Controller Features

  • Digital combo multi-mode PFC + time-shift LLC resonant half-bridge controller
  • Onboard 800 V startup circuit, line sense and X-cap discharge compliant with IEC 62368-1, for reduced standby power
  • Enhanced fixed on time multi-mode TM PFC controller with input voltage feed- forward, THD optimizer and frequency limitation
  • Complete set of PFC protections
  • Time-shift control of resonant half-bridge
  • Enhanced burst-mode at light load with fast transient response and line adaptive half- bridge brown-out protection

More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked below. The STNRG011A is in production now, in a SO20 package, priced from $2.08 for orders of 1000 pieces.

Component Datasheet

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