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New ATS19480 GMR Transmission Speed Sensor IC for Gear Tooth Sensing

ATS19480 GMR Speed Sensor IC
ATS19480 GMR Speed Sensor IC

Allegro MicroSystems has introduced a new GMR speed sensor ATS19480 that measures the rotation of ferromagnetic gears. This speed sensor IC provides a single-channel solution that’s ideal for hybrid and pure electric vehicle transmissions, with use cases extending to two-wheelers, off-road vehicles, and industrial application designs requiring speed-only information. It improves design-in flexibility, expands design margin and tolerance capability, and facilitates a wider range of sensor installation locations. This helps reduce system complexity, size, weight, cost, and energy consumption—boosting efficiency and minimizing carbon footprints.


This GMR-based IC is designed for use with ferromagnetic gear tooth targets and is orientation-compatible with Hall-effect technology. Its fully integrated solution senses at large operating air gaps and built-in EEPROM scratch memory offers traceability of the device throughout the IC’s product lifecycle. The ATS19480 includes integrated ASIL B diagnostics and certified safety design process for optional fault reporting, and superior operation under harsh operating conditions can help to reduce failure rates—along with customer returns and warranty service claims.


Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated solution has GMR IC, protection capacitor, and back-bias magnet in a single in-line overmolded package

  • Innovative GMR technology provides large operational air gap sensing on ferromagnetic targets

  • Advanced algorithms for flexible design-in and system compensation, automatically adapts to extreme mechanical changes (air gap) and thermal drifts

  • Measures differentially to reject common-mode stray magnetic fields

  • Orientation compatible with Hall-effect technology

  • Integrated ASIL diagnostics and certified safety design process (optional fault reporting)



  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle Transmission

  • Pure Electric Vehicle Transmission



The ATS19480 Sensor is available now in a lead (Pb) free 3-pin SIP package with tin leadframe plating. The SN package includes a GMR IC, a magnet, and capacitor integrated into a single overmold, with an additional molded lead-stabilizing bar for robust shipping and ease of assembly.

Component Datasheet

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