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New Antenna Tuning Switches Enable High Data Rate, Excellent Signal Quality, and Longer Battery Life in 5G Smartphones and Wearables

Antenna Tuning Switches from Infineon
Antenna Tuning Switches from Infineon

With the successful launch of the BGSA147ML10, Infineon Technologies AG is now further expanding its range of innovative antenna tuners with new antenna tuning switches BGSA144ML10, BGSA400ML10, BGSA403ML10, and BGSA14M2N10. These devices are suitable for Sub-7.2 GHz New Radio (NR) applications, supporting both 4G and 5G in smartphones, notebooks, wearables, VR headsets, smart home and other cellular applications.


The BGSA144ML10 antenna tuning switch is made of 4 low ON resistance/low OFF capacitance series switches and 4 shunt to ground switches enabling on-demand open-reflective or short-reflective OFF ports behavior. The BGSA400ML10/ BGSA403ML10 device integrates on-chip CMOS logic and power supply regulation. Its digital control interface is compliant with MIPI2.1 RFFE specification and each switch throw can be programmed individually or all together in the same RFFE command frame. 


The BGSA14M2N10 is a very small single-pole four-throws (SP4T) Antenna Tuning switch that includes 4 low RON ports and due to its high RF voltage ruggedness, it is suited for switching any reactive devices such as inductors and capacitors in RF matching circuits without significant losses.



  • Impedance, Antenna and Inductance Tuning

  • Tunable Filters



Antenna tuners BGSA144ML10, BGSA400ML10 and BGSA403ML10 are now available in the 1.1 x 1.5 mm 2 TSLP 10-pin package while BGSA14M2N10 comes in the 0.95 x 1.3 mm 2 TSNP 10-pin package with 350 μm pad pitch.

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