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New 48V Direct Drive Motor Driver IC Enables High-Efficiency in Fan Motors

Motor Driver IC (KA44370A)
Motor Driver IC (KA44370A)

Nuvoton Technology Corporation has introduced the Industrial 48V Direct Drive Motor Driver IC (KA44370A), designed to improve efficiency and airflow in 1U server fan motors. This IC, in a QFN package suitable for 40mm x 40mm fans, features a 100V-rated high-speed, high-output circuit for direct 48V drive, reducing server power consumption and increasing rack density. It includes current feedback control technology for low power consumption and vibration at high speeds, addressing single-phase motor challenges and expanding airflow. The IC also ensures stable start-up even with multiple fan interference or reverse rotation due to external airflow. This IC is suitable for servers, base stations, factory automation, and other industrial equipment.

The 48V direct drive motor driver IC is compatible with server 48V power supply systems, significantly reducing power loss. It features a 100V-rated voltage control circuit, reducing external components by 53% compared to traditional 24V products. The IC lowers power consumption by 30% and reduces vibration by 20 dB at high speeds, supporting high-speed, large-capacity data processing with effective cooling. Its rotation control algorithm ensures reliable restart from reverse rotation, crucial in environments with multiple fan interference or external airflow disturbances. 


  • Compatible with 48V power supply systems
  • 4mm x 4mm QFN package
  • 100V-rated high-speed, high-output circuit
  • Reduces external components by 53%
  • Lowers power consumption by 30%
  • Reduces vibration by 20 dB at high speeds
  • Supports high-speed, large-capacity data processing
  • Reliable restart from reverse rotation


  • Servers
  • Base stations
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Other industrial equipment
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