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New 3D Hall-Effect Sensor IC with Sine/Cosine Outputs for Low-Latency Motor Position Applications

3D Hall-Effect Sensor IC with Sine/Cosine Outputs
3D Hall-Effect Sensor IC with Sine/Cosine Outputs

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has introduced the smallest A33230 3D sine/cosine hall-effect position sensor IC which contains two discrete analog signal paths for superior high-speed performance and offers system designers a cost-effective solution for automotive and industrial applications. This new sensor IC with a tiny SOT23-W package size can also be used as an angle sensor and is ideally suited for high-speed, low-latency motor position applications including brushless DC motors, AC synchronous permanent magnet, and asynchronous inductive motors.


The A33230 sensor IC incorporates vertical and planar Hall-effect elements with sensing axes that are orthogonal to one another, providing 90° of phase separation, which is inherently independent of magnet pole spacing and air gap. It comes pre-programmed to measure angles in any plane (XY, XZ, or YZ) while providing independent sine and cosine outputs.



  • 5 V supply voltage

  • Tiny SOT23-W

  • Pre-programmed axis combinations: XY, XZ, or YZ

  • Ratiometric outputs

  • Low output current

  • Two selectable sensitivities



  • Automotive applications

  • Industrial applications

  • Brushless DC motors

  • AC synchronous permanent magnet motors

  • Asynchronous inductive motors



The A33230 sensor IC is now available in a 5-pin SOT23-W package (suffix LH) which is RoHS compliant and lead (Pb) free with a 100% matte-tin leadframe plating.

Component Datasheet

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