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New 3-Phase Gate Driver IC with Integrated Power Management and Protection Features for Battery Powered BLDC Motors

6ED2742S01Q Gate Driver IC
6ED2742S01Q Gate Driver IC

Infineon Technologies AG has announced the release of its new MOTIX 3-phase gate driver IC, 6ED2742S01Q, designed for use in automotive and industrial motor control applications. The IC is built on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology and is rated for operation at 160 V.

The device is packaged in a thermally efficient QFN-32 package with an exposed power pad, making it easy to integrate into a wide range of applications including battery-powered industrial BLDC motor control drives, cordless power tools, robotics, drones, and light electric vehicles (LEVs).

Features of 6ED2742S01Q BLDC Motor Driver IC

  • Integrated power management unit (PMU)
  • Integrated bootstrap diodes to power three external high-side bootstrap capacitors
  • Under-voltage lock-out (UVLO)
  • Overcurrent protection with configurable threshold
  • Fault communication and automatic fault recovery
  • Current sense amplifier (CSA) with selectable gain between the low-side supply voltage (V SS) and the low-side power ground return (COM)
  • High-pulse current buffer stage designed to minimize driver cross-conduction
  • 1 A source and 2 A sink current
  • Propagation delay of 100 ns and a minimum dead time of 100 ns with built-in delay matching
  • Exposed pad of the QFN-32 provides very low thermal resistance
  • Rated for industrial temperature operation ranging from -40°C to 125°C
  • Can easily drive OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ MOSFETs in single or parallel combinations
  • Supports battery voltages from 10.8 V to 120 V

The MOTIX 6ED2742S01Q is now available for ordering in an industry-standard 5 x 5 mm² QFN-32 package with an exposed pad and a 2 kV HBM ESD rating. For more information, visit the Infineon website.

Component Datasheet

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