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MLX91805 - Smart Tire Sensor for High Accuracy Pressure Sensing and Load Monitoring in Heavy-Duty Vehicles

MLX91805 Smart Tire Sensor from Melexis
MLX91805 Smart Tire Sensor from Melexis

To support the OEMs for enabling the forthcoming mandatory tire-pressure monitoring in commercial vehicles, Melexis has introduced the MLX91805 smart tire sensor in a compact 5 mm x 4 mm DFN14 package. The new sensor integrates an 800g XZ-axis accelerometer that can sense up to 10,000 samples per second, a high-accuracy pressure sensor as well as temperature and voltage sensors.


Designed to be used in commercial vehicles including heavy-duty and passenger cars, this sensor can easily be embedded in the tires of the vehicles and can provide information like loading status, thereby extending tire life and boosting fuel economy and safety.


The new sensor has been designed with a low-power 16-bit microcontroller and 315/433 MHz RF transmitter that draws just 5mA at 5dBm output power and has an extremely low 90nA sleep current.


Feature of MLX91805 Smart Tire Sensor

  • Ultra-low-power operation from 3.6 V down to 1.8 V
  • 90 nA sleep current (LFO and timer running, memory retention)
  • Power-efficient 315/433 MHz RF transmission up to 150 kbps data rate
  • Pressure measurement ranges: 100 - 900 kPa and 100 - 1,400 kPa
  • 16-bit RISC MCU with coprocessor including:16 KB FLASH, 512 B SRAM, 64 B NVRAM; 47 B register memory (On during sleep); 3 GPIOs
  • Ultra-low-power LFO and wake-up scheduler
  • 40 to 135 °C operating temperature range


Note: More technical information can be found on the MLX91805 product page on the official website of Melexis.

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