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MLX90412-L: 20 W Low Noise Single-coil Fan and Pump Driver for Automotive Applications

MLX90412-L Pump Driver
MLX90412-L Pump Driver

Melexis has introduced MLX90412-L, an automotive all-in-one single-coil fan and pump driver IC, with a peak driving capability of 2.2 A. The new device has an operating voltage range from 3.5V to 32V and robust up to 40V and it is suitable for driving loads from 0.1W up to 20W. The MLX90412-L can be used in air pumps, water pumps, axial fans, and radial and cross blower applications.


The AECQ100 certified MLX90412-L can be applied on the automotive battery without additional protection and survives load dump pulses up to 40V. With operating junction temperature range from -40 °C to 150 °C, the device is suitable for applications such as seat blower fans, battery cooling fan, DC-DC converter cooling pumps or fans as well as HV inverter (IGBT/SIC cooling).


The MLX90412 offers unprecedented acoustic noise/vibration performance, making it a cost-effective alternative for applications that were previously considered exclusive to more expensive 3-phase solutions. The MLX90412-L comes in a small Exposed pad DFN10 3x3 and is available for order.


Features of MLX90412-L

  • All-in-one fan driver, including high-sensitivity Hall-effect sensor
  • Peak motor current up to 2.2 A
  • Integrated supply clamp
  • Adaptive commutation for best in class efficiency for any fan/blower design, over its full speed operating range
  • Maximum torque
  • Very low acoustic noise
  • Low electromagnetic emissions


Note: More technical information can be found on the product page of MLX90412-L 2.2A single-coil fan and pump driver.

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