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Micro-Sized SPDT Electromechanical Relay Latching Switches for Space Constrained High Power Switching Applications

SMT Electromechanical Relay Latching Switches
SMT Electromechanical Relay Latching Switches

Fairview Microwave has introduced a new line of micro-sized, surface-mount, single-pole, double-throw, electromechanical relay switches with broadband performance. The new SPDT electromechanical relay switches include six models that are ideal for a wide range of applications involving high power, switch matrices, and test and measurement systems.


These switches deliver high performance with very low insertion loss, high isolation, and excellent repeatability in micro-sized surface-mount packages with latching actuators. Model frequency bands cover DC to 8 GHz, DC to 18 GHz, and DC to 26 GHz with 12 VDC & 24 VDC operating voltage options. 


The SMT package offers excellent thermal resistance for a variety of solder mounting processes and has a hot switching capability of up to 40W average power. With the ease of installation, the SMT electromechanical relay SPDT switches are internally matched for 50ohm and are ideal for applications requiring higher power switching and have space limitations. These rugged circuits are RoHS and REACH-compliant and designed for high reliability with 5M typical lifecycle ratings. 


Features of SMT Electromechanical Relay Latching Switches

  • 6 models cover broadband frequencies ranging from DC to 26 GHz
  • SPDT Designs feature Latching Actuators with long and reliable lifespans up to 5M lifecycles typical
  • Impressive Performance with very low insertion loss, high Isolation
  • and excellent repeatability
  • True SMT Package concept has a high thermal resistance
  • and can use a variety of solder mounting processes
  • Hot Switching capability up to 40W Average Power
  • Models are RoHS and REACH Compliant


Note: More technical information can be found in the FMSW6413 Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of SMT Electromechanical Relay Latching Switches.

Component Datasheet

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