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MAX17853 - Battery Monitoring IC for High Voltage Data Acquisition Systems

MAX17853 - Battery Monitoring IC for High Voltage Data Acquisition Systems
MAX17853 - Battery Monitoring IC for High Voltage Data Acquisition Systems

MAX17853 battery monitor IC from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc allows the designers to achieve ASIL-D compliance for the automotive application using a single chip for a safer and cost-effective battery management system. Targeting mid-to-large cell count configuration for automotive applications, such as a battery pack for electric and hybrid vehicles, customers can rapidly make changes to their module configuration to quickly respond to market demands with the help of MAX17853’s Unique flexible architecture called Flexpack.

The MAX17853 is the only ASIL-D-compliant IC for mid-to-large cell counter configurations, enabling customers to create a system that meets the highest level of safety for voltage, temperature, and communications. The device’s advanced battery cell balancing system is another contribution to higher safety with which the device automatically balances each cell by time and voltage to minimize risk of overcharging. The flexibility is also considered as an important factor because engineers typically must design and qualify separate boards and bill of materials (BOMs) for each different module configuration.  MAX17853 is the only IC that supports multiple channel configurations (8 to 14 Cells) with one board which enables the customer to reduce the design time by 50% with reduced validation and qualification time.


Features of MAX17853

  • Operating Voltage: 65V
  • Ultra low power operation of 2mA in standby mode and 2µA at shutdown mode.
  • Redundant ADC and Comparator Acquisitions
  • Simultaneous cell and Bus-Bar Voltage acquisitions
  • 14 Cell voltage Measurement channels
  • Automatic thermal protection
  • Individually configurable safety Alert

Note: More technical details can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Customers can achieve all this safety compliance without adding any extra components such as redundant comparators to help achieve small form factors. This reduces the BOM cost by 35% compared to other competitive solutions which help the customer to achieve lower overall cost for their BMS solutions.

MAX17853 can be used in Battery Backup Systems (UPS), Battery-powered Tools, Electric Bikes, Electric vehicles (EVs), High Voltage Battery Stacks, Super cap systems.  You can visit the product page on maxim integrated website for more details.

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