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LYT6078C – LED Driver IC with PowiGaN Technology for Flicker-Free Output in Smart Lighting Applications

LYTSwitch-6 LED Driver IC
LYTSwitch-6 LED Driver IC

Power Integrations has added a new member of the LYTSwitch-6 family of safety-isolated LED drivers for smart lighting applications. Named LYT6078C, this new LYTSwitch-6 IC uses Power Integrations’ PowiGaN gallium nitride (GaN) technology and promises to deliver enhanced performance and efficiency.

Housed in the small InSOP-24 surface-mount package, the LYTSwitch-6 ICs have an advanced thermal foldback system for protection. This reduces output power to limit device temperature during abnormal conditions, while still providing light output. The PowiGaN-based LYT6078C IC comes with a 750 V power switch and delivers a flicker-free output which is up to 90 W. With the PFC stage and the LYTSwitch-6 LED driver, this ensures to increase the efficiency up to 90%.

Besides this, the LYTSwitch-6 ICs also incorporate Power Integrations’ FluxLink communication technology that enables secondary-side control without the need for an optocoupler and provides better than ±3% CV and CC regulation across the line, load, temperature, and manufacturing. The LYTSwitch-6 ICs exhibit fast transient response and easily support pulse-width-modulation (PWM) dimming.

With LYT6078C IC and Power Integrations’ HiperPFS-4 PFS7624C PFC controller, it can provide high efficiency when driving a 48 V LED string at 1350 mA from a 220 VAC to 277 VAC input. The system power consumption in standby mode is less than 80 mW thereby offering great flexibility in designing lighting controls and particularly dim-to-off circuits.


Key Features of LYTSwitch-6 LED Driver IC

  • More than 90% efficiency across the full load range
  • Uses the Power Integrations’ PowiGaN gallium nitride (GaN) technology.
  • Comes in InSOP-24 surface-mount package.
  • Provides high efficiency when driving a 48 V LED string at 1350 mA from a 220 VAC to 277 VAC input.
  • Comes with a 750V power switch
  • Up to 90W flicker-free output.
  • Provides 3-in-1 dimming with zero-to-100% output current.


PowiGaN-based LYTSwitch-6 LED-driver ICs priced at $2.52 in 10,000 quantities are available for purchase. 


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the LYTSwitch-6 product page.

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