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LTR100L Series: New Thick-Film Shunt Resistors with 4W Rated Power Designed for Industrial and Consumer Applications

Thick-Film Shunt Resistors
Thick-Film Shunt Resistors

ROHM has introduced new thick-film shunt resistors LTR100L series that is optimized for industrial and consumer applications and is ideal for current detection in motor control and overcurrent protection circuits applications, which are progressing towards a higher power. This new series features a high rated power of 4W in the 3264 size (3.2mm × 6.4mm) / 1225 size (0.12inch × 0.25inch) by revising resistor materials and applying terminal temperature derating. 


This series achieves TCR characteristics of less than 300ppm/℃ within the operating temperature range through an optimized element structure which reduces the change in resistance value due to temperature thereby, enabling high accuracy current detection that improves application reliability.



  • Thick film / Wide terminal type

  • Product size(inch):0508 ~ 1225

  • Rated power:0.5W ~ 2W

  • Resistance range:10mΩ ~ 1Ω

  • Guarantee high rated power by high heat dissipation structure



  • Industrial equipment (factory automation, motor peripheral circuits, power supplies)

  • Consumer appliances (air conditioners, washers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners)

  • Other (2-wheel vehicle headlamps, EV scooters (e-bikes), etc.)



The LTR100L series is now available in mass production with pricing at $1.57/unit (samples, excluding tax).

Component Datasheet

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