Low Profile Multi-Camera MIPI Switch Supports High Speed (HS) and Low Power (LP) Connections to Integrate Multiple Cameras in Smart Phones and Tablets

Multi-Camera MIPI Switch from Diodes Incorporated
Multi-Camera MIPI Switch from Diodes Incorporated
Multi-Camera MIPI Switch from Diodes Incorporated

The PI3WVR628, a 3-lane 2:1 switch from Diodes Incorporated is compliant with MIPI and supports high speed (HS) and low power (LP) connections to CSI/DSI, D-PHY, and C-PHY modules. The device integrates six 6GHz single-pole double-throw (SPDT) switches to control three lanes organized as two data lanes and one clock lane for D-PHY modules and two lanes for C-PHY modules.


With the small outline of 1.7mm x 2.4mm x 0.5mm, the PI3WVR628 is suitable to be used in devices that use multiple camera modules like smartphones, tablets, and laptops, as well as displays.


The data rate support of the PI3WVR628 is up to 3.5Gsps for C-PHY compliant modules and 4.5Gbps for D-PHY compliant modules. This allows the manufacturers to benefit from both the modules with flexibility.


The PI3WVR628 operates at the supply voltage between 1.5V and 3.6V and has a quiescent current of 11μA (typical), falling to a maximum of 1μA when in high-impedance mode. The PI3WVR628 is available now in the 24-X1-LGA2417-24 (XB) package priced at $0.49 each in 5,000 piece quantities.


 Features of PI3WVR628

  • 3-lane, 2:1 switches that support D-PHY and C-PHY
  • Data rate support: up to 3.5Gsps C-PHY, up to 4.5 GB/s D-PHY.
  • Bandwidth: 6.0 GHz Typical
  • Low Crosstalk: -30 dB@2.25 GHz
  • Input Signals 0 to 1.3V
  • RON_FLAT: 0.3Ω Typical LP & HS MIPI
  • The skew of Opposite Transitions of the Same Output: 2ps Typical
  • VDD Operating Range: 1.5V to 3.6V
  • ESD Tolerance: 2kV HBM


Note: More technical information can be found in the PI3WVR628 datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the PI3WVR628 product page.

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