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LFCP Series of Fused Coordination Panels Minimize System Downtime and Increases Safety

LFCP Fused Coordination Panels Series
LFCP Fused Coordination Panels Series

Littelfuse, Inc. has announced the launch of its LFCP series of compact fused coordination panels designed for circuits requiring selective coordination fully rated to 200 kA short circuit current rating (SCCR). They are ideal for use on branch and feeder/service entrance circuits in hospitals, medical centers, hotels, amusement parks, stadiums, multi-unit residential buildings, and schools. This coordination panel saves time and money, and also increases safety, by minimizing system downtime. 


The Series features 20” width enclosure to accommodate space restrictions typical for switchboards and pre-engineered panels suitable for use in legally required standby systems and Critical Operation Power Systems (COPS). The Series is rated up to 600V ac to meet common requirements for commercial construction applications. Moreover, it is available in a wide range of configurations to meet unique system requirements.



  • Meets NEC selective coordination code requirements ­

  • Main lug only or main fused disconnect options available ­

  • Class CC fuse holders have built-in open-circuit indication ­

  • 35 A–200 A Class J fuses are available with open-circuit indication ­

  • Uses standard disconnects and Class CC and J fuses ­

  • Feed through lugs available ­

  • Neutral options are configurable for service entrance ­

  • Ground options can be field isolated ­

  • Copper bus standard ­

  • Surface mount ­

  • Available in standard 20” width enclosure for easy installation ­

  • Door-in-door construction standard ­

  • NEMA 1 indoor enclosure



  • Elevators ­

  • Hospitals and medical centers ­

  • Hotels ­

  • Entertainment industry ­

  • Amusement parks and stadiums ­

  • Multi-unit residential constructions ­

  • Schools

Component Datasheet

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