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KYOCERA AVX Launches Robust 9159-7X0 Series Linear Card Edge Connectors with Spring Contacts for Harsh Environments

Linear Card Edge connectors
Robust 9159-7X0 Series Linear Card Edge Connectors

KYOCERA AVX Introduces 9159-7X0 Series, its First Linear Card-Edge Connectors with the 2p-12p linear card edge version with spring contact 9159-700/760  for Robust Industrial and Lighting Applications. The connectors feature a beryllium copper (BeCu) spring contact system, ensuring high electrical and mechanical reliability, signal integrity, and durability in harsh environments. Designed for easy installation and versatility, the series is suitable for linear PCB mating in industrial, LED lighting, automotive lighting, and transportation lighting applications. With various configurations and plating options, the 9159-7X0 Series offers a solder-free-mating card-edge design, providing a reliable one-piece solution for demanding applications. There are available two versions – closed side 9159-700 and open side 9159-760. Optionally is available plating option Sn.

The proven contact system has easy installation without soldering, enhanced reliability, signal integrity and up to 2A/contact current rating. The connector is designed for mating PCB board with 1.5mm (+/- 0.15mm) thickness and gold (or tin) plated pads.

Features of the 9159-7X0 Series Linear Card Edge Connector

  • Ruggedized linear card edge
  • Up to 2 Amps per contact current rating meets robust application requirements
  • Gold (or tin) plated (nickel underplate) BeCu contact system for high reliability in harsh environments
  • High electrical and mechanical performance
  • Easy installation

Applications of the 9159-7X0 Series Linear Card Edge Connector

  • Automotive Lighting
  • Transportation Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Industrial

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