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KM Series Contractor Control Modules with Wide Input Voltage and Strong Anti-Tripping Capability

KM Series Contractor Control Modules
KM Series Contractor Control Modules

MORNSUN has introduced KM series contractor control modules with low power consumption and strong anti-tripping capability. These modules are safe and reliable, with stable pull-in, and can be used in various types of contactor power-saving and a new generation of wide-voltage input contactors. The KM series modules have a remote-control function that can realize contractors interconnection through MCU and network the contractors with intelligence. Moreover, this module can be used to control the contractor on/off remotely to achieve intelligent IoT.


KM series contractor control modules feature an ultra-wide input voltage range from 75 to 305VAC/VDC, and AC and DC dual-use, reducing the risk of failure. It greatly reduces the high cost of multi-model management, reduces the tedious selection work of the users, and is easy to operate. In addition, these modules with built-in EMC protection, have strong electromagnetic compatibility ability.



  • Energy-saving Wide-voltage Contactor Control Module

  • Ultra-wide 75 - 305VAC/VDC input voltage range

  • Operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +70℃

  • Low apparent power

  • High reliability

  • Quick response

  • EMC meet CISPR22/EN55022 CLASS A

  • 5 years warranty



  • Power-saving contractors

  • Wide-voltage input contractors

Component Datasheet

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