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IsoMOV Protectors with MOV Hybrid Design Deliver Enhanced Surge Performance, Operational Life and Device Reliability

IsoMOV hybrid protection component
IsoMOV hybrid protection component

Bourns Inc. has introduced IsoMOV hybrid protection component which integrates the GDT function directly into the MOV itself, providing an elevated level of surge protection in terms of performance, operational life and enhanced device reliability. It offers a substantial performance and reliability upgrade to same-size standard MOVs in a pin-to-pin drop-in-replacement form factor. The IsoMOV protector is a fully integrated GDT and MOV hybrid design. Combining both devices into a single package allows the GDT to block leakage currents through the MOV that may lead to premature failure, making the MOV inherently more robust without adding additional components into the circuit design. Its target applications include AC line protection in White goods, Fire alarm systems, High value consumer goods, LED lighting, UL1449 SPD, and Industrial equipments and DC line protection in solar inverters, Power supplies, and Distribution systems.


IsoMOV protectors enable designers to better tailor the surge protection performance to their stringent space requirements, and allow them to upgrade their MOV overvoltage protection to include the proven benefit of GDT isolation without a PCB redesign. Its extended temperature range and low leakage are especially well-suited for industrial, power line communications, high-speed information and communication technology (ICT) equipment, as well as a wide range of certain harsh environment or remote, exposed applications where repairs can be both physically challenging and expensive to perform.



  • High energy handling density

  • Hybrid (MOV and GDT) design

  • Extended temperature range

  • Ring-wave tolerant

  • Low capacitance

  • UL recognized

  • RoHS compliant



  • White goods

  • Fire alarm systems

  • High value consumer goods

  • LED lighting

  • UL1449 SPD

  • Industrial equipment

  • Solar inverters

  • Power supplies

  • Distribution systems



The Bourns IsoMOV protector series is UL 1449 Type 5 recognized and is available now.

Component Datasheet

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