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ISOCELL Slim 3T2 – Compact high-resolution image sensor for Smartphone

ISOCELL Slim 3T2 – Compact high-resolution image sensor for Smartphone

With a size of only 5.1 millimeter (diagonally), Samsung Electronics has launched a new image sensor which it claims to be the industry’s most compact image sensor. This 0.8um-pixel sensor can deliver upto 20 Megapixel (Mp) resolution for both front and back camera suitable for Smartphone that has sleek designs.


The sensor also incorporates the ISOCELL Plus technology, which offers high color fidelity by absorbing more light information from for accurate color reproduction. The size of the sensor is very small, it provides enough space for designers to use latest display features like ‘hole-in display’ or notch design’. In addition, Samsung’s Tetracell technology, which merges four pixels to work as one, lets the 3T2 take brighter and sharper pictures in low-light settings as the color filter array’s light sensitivity increases to that of a 1.6μm-pixel image sensor at 5Mp resolution.


When applied in rear-facing multi-camera settings for telephoto solutions, the 3T2 adopts an RGB color filter array instead of Tetracell technology. The small size of the image sensor also reduces the height of the tele-camera module by around seven percent when compared to Samsung’s 1/3-inch 20Mp image sensor, allowing more elegant smartphone designs. Compared to a 13Mp sensor with the same module height, the 20Mp 3T2 retains 60-percent higher effective resolution at 10x digital zoom that presents clearer and more accurate results.


The Slim 3T2 sensor is expected to be in mass production in the first quarter of this year.