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IR3826(A)M - Integrated Point Of Load DC Regulator with High switching frequency

IR3826(A)M -  Integrated Point Of Load DC Regulator with High switching frequency
IR3826(A)M - Integrated Point Of Load DC Regulator with High switching frequency

Infineon Technologies has introduced the new OptiMOS IR3826(A)M integrated point-of-load DC-DC voltage regulator. Both the versions (IR3826AM for 16A and IR3826M for 23A) are fully integrated and highly efficient. These voltage regulators can operate from an input voltage of 12V and can provide up to 16A or 23A continuous current. When compared with the previous generations of Infineon’s offerings OptiMOS IR3826(A)M enables high switching frequency (upto 1.5MHz) operations with enhanced efficiency and reduced power loss.



  • Single 5 V to 17 V application or Wide Input Voltage Range from 1.0 V to 17 V with external Vcc

  • Precision Reference Voltage (0.6 V ± 6%) for Output Voltage Range: 0.6 V to 0.86×Vin

  • Enhanced Line/Load Regulation with Feed-Forward

  • Programmable Switching Frequency from 300kHz to 1.5 MHz for small PCB size and less capacitors.

  • Monotonic Start-Up with Internal Digital Soft-Start & Enhanced Pre-Bias Start-Up

  • Thermally Compensated Internal Over-Current Protection with Three Selectable Settings

  • Enable input with Voltage Monitoring Capability & Programmable Power Good Output

  • Thermal Shut Down

  • Operating temp: -40 °C < Tj < 125 °C

  • Small Size: 6 mm x 5 mm PQFN

  • Lead-free, Halogen-free and RoHS2 Compliant

Note: More details can be found at the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page. 


The parts of OptiMOS IR3826(A)M are pin-compatible to previous products, hence it provides risk-free efficiency upgrade with minimum design effort. It solves the heating challenge without or with minimum airflow in thermally constrained application designs such as 3.3V or 5 V supply voltages and also supports applications that operate with high ambient temperature, e.g., 85˚C for telecom.The state of art PWM Gen 3 engine of the device allows it to operate at a fixed frequency to reduce noise in multi-rail telecom or high-end Netcom application, like base stations. The devices are fully RoHS2 compliant without an exemption to accommodate future regulations.


OptiMOS IR3826(A)M can be used in applications such as Netcom router and switches, Datacom, telecom base stations, server and enterprise storage, and distributed point of load power architectures. The company has started the production in high volume and the evaluation boards are also available for purchase from Infineon website.

Component Datasheet

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