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Infineon Launches NGC1081: NFC Tag-Side Sensing and Energy-Harvesting Controller for Smart Edge Computing and IoT Applications

NGC1081 Microcontroller
NGC1081 Microcontroller

Infineon Technologies AG has released a new product, the NGC1081, which is an NFC-based controller with sensing and energy-harvesting capabilities. The IC is a single-chip solution that enables the IoT industry to develop low-cost, miniaturized, smart edge computing/sensing devices that could be very beneficial for maximizing benefits for both end-users and manufacturers. With its dual power supply function, the NGC1081 can operate in a passive mode (battery-free) based on energy harvesting, or in a battery-powered mode. This highly integrated single-chip solution is available in a VQFN-32 package, providing customers with an ideal choice for adapting to the specific requirements of various applications and systems.

The NGC1081 microcontroller designed by Infineon Technologies, is a well verse solution for small smart devices, combining NFC connectivity, energy harvesting, and sensing capabilities in a single chip. It has a dual power supply function so that it can operate in either passive mode or battery-powered mode, making it an ideal choice for low-cost, small sized smart devices. The NGC1081 has a 12-bit SAR ADC, 10-bit DAC, four analog inputs, and an integrated temperature sensor; this allows the IC to make precise sensing and measurement. On top of that, it comes with most commonly used peripherals like UART, SPI, I²C, and a 32 kHz RTC, which can be used to easily integrate to an existing product.  

Features of NGC1081

  • Active Supply Mode (Battery Powered Mode)
  • Passive Supply Mode (Energy Harvesting Mode)
  • Contact-less Communication Interface NFC
  • Integrated 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0  Microcontroller
  • Standard Digital Peripherals
  • Integrated H-Bridge Driver for Actuation Interface

Applications of NGC1081

  • Integrated high precision temperature sensor
  • NFC configured and controlled environmental sensing and data logging
  • NFC configured thermostats
  • NFC activated smart lock
  • Health Care Passive Sensor

Additionally this IC also provides seamless connectivity to mobile phones that could enable the adoption of a cloud-based application that could ensure robust access management to maintain data integrity and security. The NGC1081 is available in a compact VQFN-32 package, making it an excellent choice for developers looking to optimize their designs for size and cost.

Component Datasheet

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