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IEEE 802.3cg Compliant Ethernet Transceiver Includes Media Access Controller and PLCA Reconciliation Sublayer Designed for Industrial Multi−Drop Ethernet

IEEE 802.3cg Compliant Ethernet Transceiver
IEEE 802.3cg Compliant Ethernet Transceiver

onsemi has introduced a new IEEE 802.3cg compliant Ethernet Transceiver that includes a Media Access Controller (MAC), a PLCA Reconciliation Sublayer (RS), and a 10BASE−T1S PHY and is designed for industrial multi−drop Ethernet. The new NCN26010 transceiver provides all physical layer functions needed to transmit and receive data over a single unshielded twisted pair and communicates to host MCUs via Open Alliance MACPHY SPI protocol. This new device is suitable for industrial automation, sensor, and control interfacing, home/building control, and security and field instrumentation.


The NCN26010 exceeds the noise immunity levels specified in IEEE 802.3cg to enable 50+ meters of range, providing robust signal detection in noisy industrial environments. It offers the lowest line capacitance to support five times the node requirement of the IEEE 802.3cg standard, supporting up to 40 nodes on a 25-meter segment and maximizing the cost savings of wiring and installation provided by 10BASE-T1S solutions.



  • ENI extends the noise immunity to values well above the IEEE T1S standard

  • Allows the NCN26010 to withstand worst-case DPI and BCI immunity tests

  • Significantly improves the network reach when enabled, almost 2X better than competition

  • Best-in-class line pin capacitance allows for the highest number of nodes per segment.

  • The NCN26010 supports up to 40 nodes on a 25-meter segment, well above the IEEE minimum standard

  • Lowers cabling, connector, and installation costs

  • Masking detected collisions allows operation in noisy conditions

  • Prevents false collision detection in high-noise environments

  • When used in conjunction with ENI, the NCNS26010 has unparalleled noise tolerance

  • Two Configurable Digital Outputs that can Drive Low Current LEDs

  • Open Alliance Compatible SPI Interface

  • Supports IEEE802.3 CSMA/CD Collision Detection



  • Industrial Automation

  • Sensor and Control Interfacing

  • Home / Building Control

  • Security and Field Instrumentation

Component Datasheet

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