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High Power Shunt Resistors in Miniaturized 0508 Size for Compact Current Detection Circuits in Motors, Displays, Battery etc

High Power Shunt Resistors
High Power Shunt Resistors

The newly developed LTR10L, wide terminal shunt resistors from ROHM is a 0508-size (0.5inch × 0.8inch) / 1220-size (1.25mm × 2.0mm) model with an industry-leading rated power of 1W. The lineup includes high accuracy (D Class) products that provide a resistance tolerance of 0.5% along with class-leading TCR, making them ideal for automotive LED headlamps and other applications requiring high accuracy current detection. At the same time, high sulfuration resistance enables suitability with telecommunication base stations requiring long-term reliability even when operating continuously in harsh outdoor environments and automotive powertrain where sulfuration from exposure to exhaust gases is a concern.

The Resistor is optimized for a variety of applications in the automotive, industrial, and consumer sectors, while also strengthening its considerable lineup with two updated general-purpose MCR series shunt resistors (MCR10L and MCR18L).

The MCR10L (0.5W rated power) and MCR18L (0.75W rated power) are low-resistance models in the general-purpose MCR series. Power rating is not only significantly improved, but TCR as well compared with the conventional 0.25W rated MCR10 and MCR18. Additional updates include a revised element structure and materials that increase performance and allow us to continue to ensure stable supply.

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