High Performance and High Efficiency Patch Antennas for Miniaturized Wireless Applications

Ethertronics Patch Antenna from AVX Corporation
Ethertronics Patch Antenna from AVX Corporation
Ethertronics Patch Antenna from AVX Corporation

AVX Corporation has extended its portfolio of high-performance, high-efficiency antennas that are designed to satisfy the demand of connectivity and miniaturization requirements in wireless applications in the automotive, industrial, networking, medical, consumer electronics, energy, and transportation industries.


The Ethertronics’ embedded onboard patch antennas have small, low-profile form factors, this reduces the ground plane and keeps out the area size requirements to achieve better design flexibility and higher efficiency, gain and directivity characteristics from 1.5-2.4GHZ  for reliable connectivity with better return loss and minimal interference.


The Extension of the antennas portfolio includes:


All these options in standard antenna offerings allow the engineers to reduce design costs and hasten time-to-market by eliminating the additional design fees and extended cycle times associated with custom solutions.


The new antennas are ideal for applications include wireless electronics spanning wearables, IoT devices, gateways, and access points to point-of-sale terminals, tracking systems, telematics, digital signage, on-board diagnostics, connected vehicles, and machine-to-machine communications.


Features of new Ethertronics Patch Antennas                                

  • Supports both high-band and ultra-high band frequencies.
  • Operate with a frequency range from 1.559–2.485GHz. 
  • Include RHCP polarization and 50Ω unbalanced feed-point impedance
  • Peak gain ranging from 3.0dBi at 1.602GHz to 5.5dBi from 1.575–1.610GHz
  • Average efficiency spanning 51% from 1.559–1.591GHz to 74% from 2.400–2.485GHz
  • VSWR match extending from <2:1 for 2.400–2.485GHz frequencies to <1:2.2 for 1.593–1.610GHz frequencies


Note: For more technical information about the Ethertronics’s patch antennas, you can check out the ceramic patch datasheet linked at the bottom of this page or visit the respective product page of the antennas listed earlier.

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