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High-Integration, Intelligent Tire Pressure Sensor Revolutionizing TPMS Technology for Battery-Powered Applications

XENSIV SP49 Tire Pressure Sensor
XENSIV SP49 Tire Pressure Sensor

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the XENSIV SP49 tire pressure monitoring sensor, combining automotive expertise with patented glass-silicon-glass MEMS sensor technology for intelligent tire functions like on-tire auto-position sensing, tire inflation assistance, tire blowout detection, and load detection.

The SP49 serves as a pin-to-pin replacement for SP40 TPMS products and offers hardware interfaces such as master/slave I²C, software-simulated UART, SPI, and PWM interfaces. It meets ASIL-A standards and provides a high level of integration for modern TPMS modules.

The SP49 is suitable for stand-alone remote pressure sensing solutions with low power consumption requirements. Its LF receiver with wake-up capability and sensitivity enables on-demand measurements in such applications.



  • Patented Glass-Silicon-Glass MEMS
  • Efficient 32-bit ARM M0+ core
  • New ASIC with Low Power Monitoring
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Hardware master/slave I²C interface
  • Same package & pin out with SP40
  • Available in ASIL A



  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
  • Air suspension
  • Air brake, and more


Availability and Pricing

The XENSIV SP49 is now available at the price of $6.73 per unit.

Component Datasheet

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