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NXH40B120MNQ - High Efficiency SiC Power Modules for Solar Inverter Applications

ON Semiconductor's NXH40B120MNQ SiC Power Modules
ON Semiconductor's NXH40B120MNQ SiC Power Module

ON Semiconductor introduced the NXH40B120MNQ family of full SiC power module for solar inverter applications. The new family of power modules integrates a 1200 V, 40mΩ SiC MOSFET, and 1200 V, 40 A SiC boost diode with dual boost stage. The use of SiC technology delivers the low reverse recovery, and fast switching characteristics that are required to achieve the high levels of power efficiency required in applications such as solar inverters.


The NXH40B12MNQ offers a high level of integration with the pin assignment optimized for inverter design. With the use of SiC components, the power module offers low conduction and switching losses, this enables the use of higher switching frequencies which contributes to higher inversion efficiency. They offer solderless press-fit connections for ease of use and provides customer-defined thermal interface options based on customers’ needs.


The new power module can achieve peak energy conversion efficiency up to 98.8% when they are used in Delta’s M70A 70kW three-phase PV string inverter.


Features of NXH40B120MNQ Family

  • Available in Three channels and Two-channel SiC Boost configuration
  • SiC MOSFET Specification: 40 mΩ 1200 V
  • 50 A / 1200 V Bypass Diodes
  • RDS(ON): 40Ω and 80Ω
  • SiC Diode for high-speed switching
  • Fastest switching speeds for compact inverter solution
  • Low VF bypass diodes for excellent efficiency in bypass mode
  • Packed in PIM32, 71x37.4(SOLDER PIN)


Note: More technical information about the NXH40B120MNQ family can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the official website of ON semiconductors limited.

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