High-Density Series lll Connectors from Souriau for Reliable Performance in Harsh Environmental Applications

Souriau 8D/38999 Series lll Connectors
Souriau 8D/38999 Series lll Connectors
Souriau 8D/38999 Series lll Connectors

Souriau 8D/38999 Series lll Connectors are the new connectors from designed as scoop-proof and high-density devices and come with tri-start, self-locking threaded coupling shells. With a high contact density of up to 128 contacts, these connectors from Fclane are available in a wide choice of 54 qualified layouts housed in shells of aluminum stainless steel, composite, and bronze. The lately released high-reliability connector series can withstand high vibration (44g), high temperature (200°C), and 500 mating/un-mating cycles.


Series III connectors are suitable for blind mating areas, they provide high-vibration characteristics even at a high temperature, and are suitable for damp areas with the proper connector accessories. The new connectors can be used in a wide number of high-performance applications such as military and commercial aircraft and communications systems as well as military fighting vehicles, missiles, and shipboard installations. 


Features of Souriau 8D/38999 Series lll Connectors

  • Withstand high vibration up to 44g
  • High operating temperature range from 60°Cto 200°C
  • 500 mating/un-mating cycles. 
  • Signal, power, coax, triax, quadrax & optical contacts available
  • Different finishes available including RoHS Compliant  Zinc Nickel & Zinc Cobalt plating


The 8D/38999 Series lll Connectors are available for purchase from the company website. The company provides a wide range of standard QPL connectors for same-day dispatch. Customers can specify a much wider choice of supply from their massive connector piece parts inventory, with delivery on short lead times and the same full QPL Certification at no extra cost.


Note: More technical information can be found on the Souriau 8D/38999 Series lll Connectors product page.


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