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Hall Effect Based Programmable SOI Floating Switch ICs Deliver Failure-free Assembly of Solutions for Liquid Level Measurement

MLX92362 and MLX92361 Hall Effect Switches
MLX92362 and MLX92361 Hall Effect Switches

Melexis has introduced two new unique plug-and-play magnetic switches MLX92362 and MLX92361 that deliver continuous level sensing and directly replace reed switches, without the need for implementation changes or additional wiring. These new Hall switch devices are based on Triaxis technology and can be factory trimmed (MLX92361) or adjusted at customer’s End of Line (MLX92362). These devices have much smaller dimensions compared to reed switches - providing a 5x reduction in form factor.


These new switches feature fully isolated output for direct load driving, with currents up to 100 mA being switched and offer a high supply rail versatility with a 4.5 V to 28 V voltage range while supporting an operational temperature range of -40°C to 150°C. Moreover, multiple sensors can be connected in a single module and synchronized via the built-in daisy-chain functionality.


Without moving parts, these solid-state components offer greater reliability and longer working lifespans. They eliminate mechanical wear and tear issues. The high failure rates that reed switches often exhibit during module assembly are eliminated. Their surface mount format simplifies the assembly process through reflow soldering and both are housed in 6-lead TSOT packages. 



  • Normal or lateral magnetic sensitivity options X,Y,Z

  • Switch output – fully isolated from the supply voltage, OUTA/OUTB potentials can be below GND or above VDD

  • Typical RON of 3Ω

  • Output current up to 100mA (AMR 200mA)

  • Programmable magnetic thresholds and threshold temperature coefficient

  • Programmable magnetic Latch, Unipolar and Omnipolar Switch function

  • Built-in daisy chain functionality to synchronize multiple devices

  • Operating voltage range from 4.5V to 28V

  • Low average supply current – 180µA typical

  • Under-Voltage Reset protection

  • Thermal protection

  • Package RoHS compliant TSOT-6L



  • Reed switch replacement

  • Fluid level meter applications

  • Push button

  • Direct load driving

  • HIGH/LOW side switch

Component Datasheet

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