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GT43 Shielded Coaxial Connector Series with Compact Size and Space-Saving Design

GT43 Shielded Coaxial Connector Series
GT43 Shielded Coaxial Connector Series

HIROSE Electric has introduced the GT43 series, a shielded coaxial connector that is ideal for automotive applications. Its small-size and space-saving design reduce the mounting area needed in any design. These are low noise connectors complying with the requirements of the CISPR25 radiated emission test standard. Moreover, this series has passed the BCI Immunity test with positive results of the “display unit” working normally. The GT43 series connectors are ideal solutions for automotive applications, which include an automotive camera, head units, camera ECU, main vehicle display, USB HUB, Tuner Unit, CD/DVD players.


The GT43 series has a VSWR value of less than 1.5 (3 GHz) with a board-to-wire connection which is a good match for most antenna applications. This series is designed with a Hirose engineered terminal that features a “One-step Crimp Process” which makes the entire production process significantly efficient and effective for customers with less steps to handle in cable termination. With this feature of the terminal, the Hirose GT43 series adds value in terms of workability and productivity.


The GT43 series is available with 6 different coding and color variations: black, brown, green, blue, grey, and violet, a visual and geometrical poke-yoke can be provided. This makes a flawless assembly achievable even for applications with multiple connectors in use.



  • Rated current: 1 A
  • Rated voltage: DC 50 V
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Number of contacts: 1
  • Mating cycles: 30 



  • Automotive Camera
  • Head units
  • Camera ECU
  • Main vehicle display
  • Tuner Unit
  • CD/DVD players
Component Datasheet

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