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Graphene GHS01AT Hall Effect Sensor optimized for Relatively Low Field Environments and Normal Ambient Temperatures

GHS01AT Graphene Hall Effect Sensor
GHS01AT Graphene Hall Effect Sensor

Paragraf has introduced a new graphene Hall Effect sensor optimized for use in relatively low field environments and normal ambient temperatures. The GHS01AT Hall Effect sensors are ideally suited for battery applications such as the electric vehicle (EV) sector. These sensors can be helpful in battery cell analysis when investigating the validity of different battery cell chemistry derivatives and form factors under development. They allow the users to get a more detailed and localized (point-to-point) understanding of the battery cell behavior.


The detailed real-time current density mapping of the device can provide insights into the physical processes occurring in the lead-up to their formation. This might highlight early warning signs which could be monitored in service or scanned during quality control. It may even provide the information required to help develop battery chemistries and design concepts that altogether safeguard against the risk of potential failure or thermal runaway.


The use of graphene monolayer (just 0.34nm thick) protects the GHS01AT from in-plane stray electromagnetic fields that would severely impact the accuracy of alternative sensing mechanisms. The method is an indirect means for measuring real-time magnetic field (produced by current flowing through the cell) data, so one of the advantages is that the battery cell itself and the tabs/busbars feeding into the cells are not disrupted during testing.


A GHS Array Starter Kit is available for taking simultaneous measurements from up to 8 GHS01AT sensors. The standard GHS01AT Kit includes a GHS01AT sensor and a small interface PCB for ease and convenience of implementation.


Features of GHS01AT Hall Effect Sensor

  • Exceptionally high resolution
  • Ultra-low noise performance
  • High linearity
  • Low power operation & small footprint
  •  Immunity to in-plane stray fields


Note: More technical Information can be found in the GHS01AT Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the product page of the GHS01AT Hall Effect sensor.

Component Datasheet

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