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EMI/RFI Protected SM031H2 Series Pressure Sensors for Critical Measurement and Monitoring in Hydrogen Processing and Logistics

SM031H2 Series Pressure Sensors
SM031H2 Series Pressure Sensors

Variohm EuroSensor has introduced the SM031H2 series of pressure sensors for sensing pressures up to 1000 bar in critical measurement and monitoring in hydrogen processing and logistics. With a stainless steel construction and IP67 protection class as standard, the new SM031H2-PL:d sensors showcase high resistance to shock and vibration have a temperature range spanning from -40 to +125°C.


The SM031H2-PL:d sensor also features EMI/RFI protection, low static and thermal errors, exceptional endurance, and long life against harsh environment use. The device has the EC79 (up to 700 bar) and EC406 type approvals for hydrogen generation, storage, and transportation systems. With performance level ‘d’ certifications new device is compliant with the DIN EN ISO 13849-1 machinery safety and IEC 61508 functional safety standards in addition to many other recognized safety accreditations.


The PL:d variant is available in 20 range options from 1.0 bar up to 1000 bar with a choice of M16 or ¼ NPT pressure port configurations (NPT limited to 500 bar). Along with the ability to draw 4...20mA output from a 10 to 32V DC supply, the device additionally features an internal failure detection within the sensor’s signal conditioner for broken bond wires, internal EEPROM errors, and Watchdog, etc.


Features of SM031H2 Series Pressure Sensors

  • Up to 1000 Bar pressure range
  • High strength, rugged stainless steel design
  • With EC79 approval for use with Hydrogen
  • E1 automotive approved
  • Robust mechanical construction and with additional EMI / RFI protection
  • Trouble-free operation at temperatures up to 125°C.


Note: More technical information can be found on the SM031H2 Series Pressure Sensors product page.

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