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DMS22B: Non-Contacting Feedback Rotary Sensor with SSI Output for High Reliability and Long Cycle Life in Heavy-Duty Applications

Bourns Model DMS22B Rotary Sensor
Bourns Model DMS22B Rotary Sensor

Bourns has introduced the latest non-contacting feedback rotary sensor with Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) for effective synchronization in closed-loop control systems. Designed based on the Hall Effect technology, the new Bourns Model DMS22B single-turn rotary sensor is supported by a factory programmable electrical angle from 10 to 360 degrees that can deliver consistent and dependable operation of up to 50 million shaft revolutions.


For offering consistent excellent performance and high reliability, the DMS22B rotary sensor is designed with non-contacting magnetic technology. This makes the sensor suitable for a long-range of applications environments. The IP50 seal rating of the device makes them highly resistant to fluid/dust ingress. With a 7/8-inch flatted shaft and bushing mount configuration, the new device is suitable for a broad variety of applications such as patient platform positioning feedback, pneumatic control valve position feedback, draw wire position sensors, remote communications antenna positioning, actuator motor position feedback, automated manufacturing robotics and more.


Features of Bourns Model DMS22B Rotary Sensor

  • Non-contacting magnetic technology
  • Highly resistant to vibration/shock
  • Highly resistant to fluid/dust ingress
  • Programmable at the factory for zero position
  • Robust design for industrial applications
  • Highly repeatable
  • RoHS compliant


Note: More technical information can be found in the DMS22B Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and in the product page of Non-Contacting Single-turn Rotary Sensors.

Component Datasheet

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