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Digi-Key Electronics Launches updated Version of Online Returns and Order Issues Portal with Expanded Self-Service Options

Digi-Key Online Return Portal Updated
Digi-Key Online Return Portal Updated

Making the return process easy for international customers, Digi-Key Electronics has launched an updated version of its online returns and order issues portal with improved self-serve options. The revamped version of the portal will enable international customers to fully self-service returns, including printing return shipping labels, making corrections, submitting part shortage requests, and resolving order issues easily. 


Guests and registered Digi-Key customers can access the enhanced returns portal by providing the email address, invoice number, and zip code associated with their order. Describing the reason for their return or the part issue, along with the option to provide photos, and print a return shipping label, customers can make returns easily. Marie Sander, customer service manager at Digi-Key said that the revamped portal is designed to make it easier than ever for customers to take care of returns and resolve order issues.

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