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DFN Package Isolated RS232 Transceiver with Chiplet SiP Technology for Industrial and Building Automation

DFN Package Isolated RS232 Transceiver
DFN Package Isolated RS232 Transceiver

MORNSUN has launched the 4th generation (R4) isolated RS232 transceiver TD(H)541S232H and TD041S232H series in the DFN package that can be used in industrial automation, building automation, smart meters, photovoltaic inverters, motor drive, etc. These cost-effective RS232 transceiver series with Chiplet SiP technology features high electrostatic and ESD protection and are fully compliant with TIA/EIA-232 standards. The products from these series come with a constant voltage isolation power supply, which can achieve 3000/5000VDC electrical isolation and can also be easily embedded in user equipment so that the equipment can easily realize the connection function of the RS232 protocol network.



  • Ultra-small, ultra-thin, chip-scale DFN package

  • Compliant with TIA/EIA-232 standard

  • Integrated isolated 5V power

  • I/O power supply range supports 3.3V and 5V microprocessors

  • High isolation to 5000VDC (TD541S232H 3000VDC)

  • Bus-Pin ESD protection up to 15kV(HBM)

  • Baud rate up to 120kbps

  • >25kV/us CMTI

  • Industrial operating ambient temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃

  • Meet AEC-Q100 standards

  • EN62368 approval

  • Moisture Sensitivity Level



  • Industrial Automation

  • Building Automation

  • Smart Electricity Meter


Component Datasheet

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