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CSL1901 Series: 0603-Size LEDs Optimized for Low-Current Low-Light Applications in Indicators and Numeric Displays

CSL1901 Series 0603-Size LEDs
CSL1901 Series 0603-Size LEDs

ROHM has announced the availability of the new CSL1901 series of 0603-size (0.6inch × 0.3inch) / 1608-size (1.6 mm × 0.8 mm) LEDs that reduce visual variations in brightness and color under low-light conditions by optimizing element characteristics of light emission at 2mA using original device technology. This new Series is optimized for low-light applications for use in indicators and numeric displays in Factory Automation equipment (i.e. PLCs) and communication control equipment such as modems and routers.


These new LEDs reduce brightness variations by half and color sifting by 3nm, minimizing design man-hours required for light emission while improving visibility in indicators and numeric displays. Moreover, a lineup of five colors is offered in the highly versatile 0603 size, facilitating replacement due to application and model changes.



  • Forward Current IF [mA]: 20

  • Operating Temperature Topr [°C]: -40 to +85

  • Forward Voltage VF Typ. [V]: 1.8

  • Forward Current IF[mA]: 2

  • Package Size [inch] (mm): 0.6 × 0.3 (1.6 × 0.8)



  • FA (Factory Automation) equipment (PLC and other control devices)

  • Machine tools, manufacturing/inspection equipment

  • Communication control devices such as modems and routers


Availability & Pricing

This new series is now available with pricing starts at $0.139/unit (samples, excluding tax).

Component Datasheet

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