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Compact SIM7070 NB-IoT Module with GSMA-Compliant eSIM Remote Management for Space-Constrained Cellular IoT

SIMCom eSIM Module
SIMCom eSIM Module

SIMCom has announced that the SIMCom NB-IoT SIM7070 module measuring 24mm x 24mm can now be equipped with a compact eSIM security controller from Infineon powered by GSMA-compliant remote SIM management software provided by Kigen (UK) Ltd. The SLM17 32-bit eSIM security controller embedded in a SIMcom SIM7070 module is optimized for the demands of cellular IoT applications, providing an extended temperature range from -40 to 105°C and because of highly robust NVM technology and resistance to harsh environmental conditions such as vibrations and humidity, SLM17 supports a lifetime in excess of 10 years, retains data for more than 10 years and boasts extremely low failure rates.


SIMCom SIM7070 series is an NB-IoT module which supports wireless communication modes of Cat-M/Cat-NB/GPRS/EDGE. It employs an LCC form factor and has a compact size of 24 mm x 24 mm which makes it ideal for compact product design. It has abundant interfaces including UART, GPIO, PCM, SPI, I2C, etc. and has been used in metering tracker and other various scenes which need low latency, low-throughput data communication in a variety of radio-propagation conditions.  


The single certified eSIM-enabled product allows OEMs and MVNOs to ease manufacture and logistics for the acceleration of massive IoT so as to quickly scale to millions of devices in the field, regardless of location. GSMA-compliant eSIM OS and M2M Remote SIM Provisioning services of Kigen for SIM7070 eSIM modules enables over the air switching of SIM profiles from different mobile operators or IoT connectivity providers, thus allowing for continuous local connectivity.  


Yang Tao, Chairman of SIMCom said that, “IoT equipment is getting smaller but has more functions, which presents a big challenge to the module supplier. Thanks to the cooperative effort with Infineon and Kigen, SIMCom's NB-IoT module SIM7070 family now supports the option of embedding a miniaturized eSIM and facilitate integration, and logistics while reducing costs of manufacturing secure by design goods at scale.”

Component Datasheet

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