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Compact High-Q 100V MLCC for Consumer Electronics and Industrial Applications

GJM022 series
GJM022 series

Murata recently expanded its line of monolithic ceramic chip capacitors by introducing the GJM022 series, a compact yet high-performing capacitor for high-speed 5G communication systems. These capacitors are specifically designed for high-frequency module applications, such as those in cellular communication infrastructure, with a voltage rating of 100 V to meet operational requirements. These capacitors utilize advanced thin-layer forming and high-precision laminating technologies to maintain excellent high-Q and low-loss performance, which is crucial for modern applications. 

The GJM022 series measures at a compact size of 0.4 mm × 0.2 mm LW to address packaging constraints while maintaining performance integrity. Moreover, these capacitors come with a high-temperature guarantee, assuring dependable performance even when situated near heat-emitting components such as power semiconductors. The versatility of the GJM022 series extends to various applications, including impedance matching and DC cutting within RF modules for base stations.  The high-Q value and low equivalent series resistance (ESR) enhance power amplifier efficiency and reduce power consumption in such setups. 


  • Voltage rating of 100 V
  • high-Q and low-loss performance
  • Compact size
  • thin-layer forming and high-precision laminating technologies


  • Cellular communication infrastructure
  • High-speed 5G communication
  • Impedance matching within RF modules
  • DC cutting within RF modules
  • Base stations


Engineer samples of the GJM022/100V are currently available in limited production, with full-stocked production expected to commence in February 2024.

Component Datasheet

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