Compact and Energy-Efficient DC Disconnect Switches to Prevent Shock Hazards while Isolating Circuits and Repairing Systems

LS6R DC Disconnect Switches
LS6R DC Disconnect Switches
LS6R DC Disconnect Switches

Littelfuse Inc. has introduced the LS6 and LS6R series of energy-efficient and compact DC Disconnect Switches that can break the current flow safely. Offered in both 250 and 400 amperage ratings, both the switches can prevent shock hazards when isolating circuits or repairing systems. The streamlined design of the LS6 and LS6R DC disconnect switches eliminates the need for external bridging links or jumpers to lower heat dissipation.


The new disconnect switches increase energy efficiency and decrease the installation and maintenance time for applications in photovoltaic and energy storage systems, oil and gas, railway, and uninterrupted power systems. These switches are designed with high-level disconnection insulation and self-cleaning blade contacts for consistent operation across the product lifespan. These also have an internally located sandwich-type 2-contact symmetrical design to mitigate the electromagnetic force of repulsion for providing enhanced functionality.


Features of LS6 and LS6R DC Disconnect Switches

  • Increased energy efficiency, decreased installation and maintenance time
  • Reduced footprint for added design flexibility ­
  • High-level disconnection insulation
  • Self-cleaning blade contacts ­
  • Meets UL 94 flammability requirements with self-extinguishing/non-flammable materials to prevent fires


Note: More technical information can be found in the LS60250 DC SERIES Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the LS6 and LS6R DC Disconnect Switch product page.

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