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CommScope and STMicroelectronics Make Platform with STM32WB Wireless Microcontroller Enables IoT Security for Matter Device Development

STM32WB microcontroller
STM32WB microcontroller

CommScope and STMicroelectronics have announced the integration of CommScope’s PKIWorks™ IoT security platform with ST’s STM32WB microcontroller unit (MCU). This collaboration provides device manufacturers with a turnkey solution for developing IoT devices compliant with the Connectivity Standards Alliance Matter standard for security. The integrated solution simplifies secure Matter-device-credentials development and provisioning, reducing costs and time for IoT device manufacturers. Matter ensures seamless interaction between connected smart homes and smart building devices across different IP technologies. The standard ensures that multiple brands can interact smoothly and securely ensuring data privacy.

The Matter application layer allows wide adoption by addressing many applications in an open-source delivery and certification infrastructure. Devices can be commissioned at the MCU level without developer intervention. Leveraging CommScope’s Sentry™ team's expertise in securely integrating cryptographic keys and digital certificates into high-volume manufacturing production, this collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of Matter development with a secure and straightforward credential provisioning process.

Benefits of Matter

  • The ST portfolio covers all Matter device types
  • Low-power solutions for battery-operated devices
  • Comprehensive ecosystem for rapid development
  • Multiprotocol wireless support required for Matter
  • Product quality assurance for longevity requirements

Applications of Matter

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Lighting Wireless Control
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Smart Home (Bridge and Gateway)
  • Home Entertainment (Smart TV, Smart Speaker and Audio Hub)
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