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Class Y2/X1, Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor for Industrial Power Supplies and Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Panasonic's ECQUB Series Capacitor
Panasonic's ECQUB Series Capacitor

Panasonic has introduced the new Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor ECQUB series that offers capacitance range from 0.001µF up to 0.0068µF for safety class Y2 and from 0.001µF up to 1µF for safety class X1. The capacitors with 0.01 µF and above have been designed with Panasonic’s in house patterned metallization process and a fuse mechanism function.  This delivers a stable capacitance level throughout the lifetime of the product, providing high reliability of the application.


The new devices comply with the  UL/CSA and European safety regulations for class Y2/X1 as they are designed with the flame-retardant plastic case and non-combustible resin. Working as interference suppression capacitors, ECQUB series is best for a broad spectrum of applications including input/output filtering for industrial power supplies and renewable energy infrastructure.


Features of ECQUB Series

  • Offers Capacitance range from 0.001µF up to 0.0068µF for the safety class Y2
  • Offers Capacitance range from 0.001µF up to 1µF for safety class X1
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C up to 110°C
  • Rated voltage of 300VAC
  • All devices are RoHS and REACH compliant.
  • High humidity resistance (THB test: 85°C, 85%, 275VAC for 500 hours)


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the ECQUB series product page.

Component Datasheet

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