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BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ Power Supply ICs for Improved Reliability and Functionality of Factory Automation and 5G Base Stations

BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ Buck DC/DC Converter ICs
BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ Buck DC/DC Converter ICs

ROHM announces BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ buck DC/DC converter ICs with built-in MOSFET that support high voltages and currents in factory automation equipment such as PLCs/inverters, and 5G base stations that handle high power. The BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ are non-isolated  ICs developed by utilizing proprietary analog design technology based on high voltage BiCDMOS power processes to provide the power supply functionality required by the increasingly sophisticated industrial equipment.


The BD9G500EFJ-LA with built-in MOSFET delivers 80V withstand voltage for 48V power supply systems and 5A output current which contributes to higher reliability and functionality in charging and 5G base stations that handle large power.  The BD9F500QUZ with built-in Nano Pulse Control  technology provides 39V withstand voltage and 5A output current in a compact, low-profile package (3.0×3.0×0.4mm). Moreover, the product features an over current protection as SEL1/SEL2 pins can be selected. These features are ideal for 24V power supply systems and enable support for higher functionality and greater miniaturization in a wide range of advanced industrial equipment.


The BD9G500EFJ-LA IC has succeeded in increasing withstand voltage by approximately 20%, providing sufficient margin against sudden surge voltages and with 5A output current enables the miniaturization of equipment integrating multiple functions. Moreover, the built-in low-loss MOSFET achieves a high power conversion efficiency of 85% over a wide output current range from 2A to 5A which translates to greater power saving performance. In BD9F500QUZ ICs, a high 2.2MHz (max.) switching speed enables stable operation even with a small 1.5uH coil, decreasing both mounting area and board height, which leads to smaller application size and component costs in 24V primary power supply systems for factory automation equipment such as PLCs and inverters.


Key Features of BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ ICs

  • Class-leading 80V withstand voltage ensures a wider safe operating range

  • Superior 5A output current capability contributes to higher functionality and smaller size in advanced industrial equipment

  • Achieves greater miniaturization and lower system costs by reducing mounting area and component count

  • High efficiency and low heat generation improve reliability


Applications of BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ Buck Converter ICs

  • Servers, charging stations, and power amps for 5G base stations requiring 48V class power input

  • Electric bicycles, power tools, and other applications requiring 48V/60V class power input

  • Home appliances such as Vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and other applications with motors exposed to large surge voltages

  • Surveillance cameras and factory automation equipment such as PLCs and inverters requiring 24V class power input

  • Power supplies for low voltage control systems, including FPGAs and SoCs installed in various industrial equipments


Prices and Availability of BD9G500EFJ-LA and BD9F500QUZ ICs

These Power Supply Systems are available online at price of $3.0/unit.

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