BD183x7EFV- Four Channel LED driver ICs with built-in MOSFET for Automotive LED lamps

BD183x7EFV Four Channel LED Driver IC
BD183x7EFV Four Channel LED Driver IC
BD183x7EFV Four Channel LED Driver IC

ROHM has announced the availability of 4ch linear LED driver ICs with built-in MOSFET ideal for LED rear lamps, fog lamps and turn signals for automotive use. The BD183x7EFV-M (BD18337EFV-M/ BD18347EFV-M) series comes with a proprietary thermal dissipation circuit and individual LED control function specifically developed to significantly reduce board area along with application design loads for LED lamps.


The boarding area has been reduced by consolidating multiple heat dissipation terminals for conventional output channels into a single terminal and allows ROHM to configure a 4ch high output driver into a compact 16pin package.  The user can drive LED lamps with different specifications using a single driver with the help of an individual LED control function.


The Heat dissipation circuit of the BD183x7EFV-M series allows thermal design typically required for each channel to be completed in a single step and the individual LED control function to enable the individual or collective control of LEDs in case of errors. Individual dimming function supports sequential lighting for greater design versatility along with protection functions to protect the LED driver and peripheral circuits.


Features of BD183x7EFV-M series

  • The heat dissipation circuit enables high power 4ch output in a compact size.
  • LED individual control function makes it possible to drive 2 LED lamps with different specifications.
  • Individual LED control function with operation selection during abnormalities supports model development in different regions.
  • Sequential lighting compatibility provides greater design versatility.
  • Multiple built-in protection functions protect the circuit during abnormalities.
  • Supply voltage Ranges: 5.5V to 20V
  • Maximum output current: 150mA/ch
  • Operating temperature range: - 40°C to +125°C


Note: More Technical information about the BD18337EF series can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and you can also check the BD18337EFV-M and BD18347EFV-M product page for more information.

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