BD18336NUF-M Ultra Compact LED Driver IC for Stable Lighting in Automotive Applications

BD18336NUF-M Ultra Compact LED Driver IC
BD18336NUF-M Ultra Compact LED Driver IC
BD18336NUF-M Ultra Compact LED Driver IC

ROHM has introduced the BD18336NUF-M an ultra-compact, high output linear LED driver that can deliver stable lighting, even when the battery voltage drops on a single chip. To meet the demands of the market, the new LED driver IC is designed in a way to enable mounting in ultra-compact socket-type LED lamp circuits at the same time deliver stable lighting during a drop in battery voltage.


The BD18336NUF-M is designed with a current bypass function to prevent LED turn OFF and maintains the brightness of at least 30% all the time when the current path is switched even when the voltage drops from 13V to 9V. A high output of 600mA can be achieved in an ultra-compact 3.0mm square package, this is approximately 30% smaller mounting area when compared with conventional solutions, hence the device can be mounted on the 10mm square LED substrates.


The BD18336NUF-M is ideal for a broad range of socket-type LED lamps used in-vehicle systems, such as DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps), position lighting, rear lamps, and fog lamps.


Features of BD18336NUF-M

  • CR Timer for PWM Dimming
  • Thermal De-rating Function (THD)
  • LED Open Detection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection (OUT SCP)
  • SET Pin Short Circuit Protection (SET SCP)
  • Over Voltage Mute Function (OVM)
  • Current Bypass Function at Reduced-Voltage
  • Disable LED Open Detection Function at Reduced-Voltage (OPM)
  • Output for Fault Flag / Input for Output Current OFF Control Signal (PBUS)


Note: More technical information can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page and on the BD18336NUF-M product page.

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