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ATS19580 – Transmission Speed and Direction Sensor for Gear Tooth Sensing

ATS19580 – Transmission Speed and Direction Sensor
ATS19580 – Transmission Speed and Direction Sensor

Allegro MicroSystems has introduced a fully-integrated, back biased GMR transmission speed and direction sensor called ATS19580. It is designed with reduced system size, complexity, and cost to deliver improved fuel economy and it achieves the highest level of in-system performance. By combining GMR technology with Allegro’s leading transmission algorithms and packaging, the ATS19580 offers the highest performance transmission sensor to date. The Sensor is designed with the widest dynamic range of operating air gap (50% larger), industry-leading vibration immunity, EMC protection, and robustness to common-mode stray fields.


Features of ATS19580 Sensor

  • The widest dynamic range of operating air gap (50% larger)
  • Distinguishes vibration from rotation with full pitch immunity (pitch = 1 tooth/valley of a gear)
  • Maintains tracking of flawed or damaged gears or magnet poles
  • Operating Temperature: 40°C to 150°C
  • Available in a 3-pin SIP package
  • Measures differentially to reject commode-mode stray magnetic fields
  • Advanced algorithms prevent flatline conditions by automatically adapting to mechanical and environmental shifts


Note: More technical details about the ATS19580 sensor can be found in the datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


ATS19580’s GMR technology improves performance and extends air gap capability over existing Hall solutions which allows for more installation flexibility with reduced system size, this in turns reduces costs for automakers and improved fuel economy. The monolithic integration allows for the highest levels of in-system performance like vibration immunity, dynamic air gap capability, and accurate direction detection along with ease of design-in with IC, magnet, and protection components in a single, over-molded package.

The ATS19580 has complemented Allegro’s recently released ATS19420 and ATS19520 fully-integrated, Hall-effect transmission speed sensors, as well as Allegro’s family of front-biased Hall-effect and GMR products for magnetic target sensing. For more information about the ATS19580, visit the official website of Allegro MicroSystems.

Component Datasheet

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