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AT25EU Family of SPI NOR Flash Devices for Power-Conscious and Size-Constrained Connected Devices

AT25EU Family of SPI NOR Flash Devices
AT25EU Family of SPI NOR Flash Devices

Dialog Semiconductor has introduced the AT25EU family of SPI NOR Flash devices, to support the development of power-conscious, size-constrained connected devices. The new device achieves low energy consumption without sacrificing performance. Along with low-power high-speed read operation, the family also boasts significantly faster erase times at a fraction of the power.


These new ultra-low energy Flash memory devices also come with various safety features including wide Vcc (1.65V to 3.6V) operation to extend the battery life as well as the 100 to 300nA deep power-down mode to conserve energy when the product is not in use. The exceptional erase time, low-power high-speed operation, and low energy consumption of the device make them the ideal solution for extending the operation time of small battery-powered IoT devices.


The ability to achieve faster, lower energy erase operations improves the efficiency of functions such as Over-the-Air updates (OTA), event tracking, and data logging activities.


Features of AT25EU Family of SPI NOR Flash Devices

  • Ultra-low energy: Read Power: Up to 70% less energy; Erase: Up to 99% less energy
  • 100nA Deep Power-Down
  • Fast Erase: Up to 60x faster
  • Reduces Flash Wear
  • Simplifies file updates and reduces system overhead
  • Wide Operating range:1.65 Volts to 3.6 Volts


Note: More technical information can be found on the product page of the AT25EU Family of SPI NOR Flash devices.

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